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The Mission

Who are we? Good question, random website viewer. We’re 5 people who will change the media industry and building a stronge community .

You can learn more about us below, but let’s focus on the real reason you’re here right now: you heard about us and our comunity for Freelancers and you want to see what we’re all about. Correct? Then click the button below to use our studio and meet us.

Constantly Innovating

We won’t stop improving the program until every single one of you becames successful. Check our latest upgrades:


Upgrade #1

Academy for cinematography

An intensive kickstart to your career. Team up with others and have all kind of knowledge you want we will provide through getting the best instructors in your field to give you workshops, Also we provide a place for you if you want to give a workshop and Also a place for you to work and finish your projects. We’ve turned success into a game… ready to play?


Upgrade #2

Private Community

‘if you are not good enough it is because you are not close enough’. You will be able to find like minded people to get inspiration, to find the right models, to find projects to join and if you have small projects by renting a studio with full equipment will fuck the budget we will try to provide help to reduce the cost.


Upgrade #3

Review support

Just like money, great content doesn’t grow on trees. You have to work for it. But there is one shortcut: Getting fantastic feedback. That’s what we gona be providing through Review support -- an awesome way to get unlimited in-depth feedback on your content from us and others.

The Absolute Best Instructors in the World

(Try to find better ones, we dare you.)


David So

Specialty: Sales



Specialty: Marketing


Joe & Bart

Specialty: Videography


Jesse & kong

Specialty: Videography


Jesse & kong

Specialty: Digital Marketing

If you've read this far, it means one of two things:

Either you’re really bored or you’re really into the idea of joining our Private Community,becoming highly-paid Freelancer that gets to follow your passion in life. Good news! Both of those are fantastic reasons to click the button below and sign up and become awesome :