T & Y Teleprompter Ty-Yk03 Mobile, IPad & Tablet Telepromter Pro Video

T & Y Teleprompter Ty-Yk03

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Leadership speech, Mobile studio shooting, Studio photography. Portable and Steady: Aviation type slide way, portable and durable, integrated design, fixed used with all kinds of cameras and tripods, easily disassembled.

Application: News interview,

                 feature film,

                 advertising propaganda film,

                 micro film production

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Taiying Teleprompter with uItra-thin ( 2mm ) anti-reflection spectroscope, clear vision, stable text; Vision is greater than 3 meters. The images are also clear in a very bright studio setting; Supporting HD video recording.
Unique visual angle can adjust according to the users’ requirement optionally, easy to operate.

Input method can choose to use tablet / mobile; Apple / Android can use; Support bluetooth keyboard wireless operation. 



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 46 × 15 cm



1. For under 10 inch of IPAD/Tablet PC, Structural Design Light; Integrated Using Structure of Camera and Telepro mpter; Fixed Used with all kinds of Cameras and Tripods, Easily Disassembled.
2. Ultra-thin anti-reflection spectroscope with multi-medium film and no chromatic aberration, anti-dazzle highlight display technique; clear vision, stable text, bright images, high resolution, large character, high brightness, Jitter-free
3. The design of camera height adjustment device, apply to kinds of cameras.
4. The software interface is simple and easy to operate, the new learner can be good at the software within 5 minutes.
5. Bluetooth keyboard, Remcte control handle operation.


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