Falcon Eyes Smd Ring Lamp 32W

Falcon Eyes Smd Ring Lamp 32W Continuous Lighting Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes Smd Ring Lamp 32W

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The DVR- series is designed for portrait photography. They are equipped with soft light diffuser which can lower the glare, designed in circular shape for a better fill of lighting on object, 4 modes of lighting to create different effects, ?adjustable ?3200K – 5600K color temperature and compatible to both AC and DC power supply.

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Model: Dvr160tvc



DVR-160TVC is built with SMD LED technology, same power output but with less LEDs and hence less heat generated.



Color Temperature: 3000K – 5600K

CRI: 95+

Power: 32W

Voltage: 14.8V 5A

Inner Diameter: 36.5cm

Outer Diameter: 49.5cm

Net Weight: 1.5KG

Accessories Included: Camera bracket, AC Adaptor


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