Diat Professional Video Monopod - MCDV324-TVP40P

Diat Professional Video Monopod – MCDV324-TVP40P Monopods & Accessories Diat

Diat Professional Video Monopod – MCDV324-TVP40P

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  • Compatible with Camcorder and DSLR
  • Tripod head can bear 2 KG of weight
  • Equipped with adjsutable feet tube lock tightening tool for locking
  • Equipped with monopod stand
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Model: MCDV324-TVP40P



MCDV324-TVP40P is a compact video monopod with 4 joints and fitted with a pan tilt head. Head can be upgraded with other compatible models. Monopod has a sponge grip to avoid slip and base stand will let you do shooting without holding the monopod 

Additional information

Weight 6.61 kg
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 6 cm



Tripod features are

Weight – 1 kg

Mak Load – 4 kg

Max height – 180 cm

Folded length – 56 cm

Screw Dimension – 3/8 

Sections – 4

Locking type – Buckle Type


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