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Mini-S  for Smartphone
AED 295.00
In Stock

Mini-S for Smartphone

MOZA Mini-S For Smartphones:1) Max. Payload: 280g2) Battery Life: 8-Hour3) Foldable Design4) Object Tracking5) Phone Camera Control6) Portrait Mode7) One-button Zoom & Focus control8) Easy to bala

AED 295.00 AED 350.00
Mini-MI for Smartphone
AED 385.00
In Stock

Mini-MI for Smartphone

MOZA Mini-MI For Smartphones:1) Max. Payload: 300g2) Battery Life: 10-Hour3) Wireless Phone Charging4) Super Follow Mode & Manual Positioning5) Object Tracking6) Inception mode

AED 385.00 AED 450.00
Moza Air 2
AED 2250.00
In Stock

Moza Air 2

MOZA Air2 for most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and small cinema cameras on the market:1) Max payload: 9lbs/4.2kg2)16-hours long working time with 4 replaceable high-rate Li-ion batteries3) Smart Time-la

AED 2250.00 AED 3000.00

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