Best Photo shoot Locations Dubai

Pleasant winds, shady days and the Instagram fever, what better time than now to grab a camera and start shooting?

Dubai can be massive blunder for a photographer looking for the perfect spot, seeing how there’s beauty to be captured by the lens at every corner.

That’s why I’m here to present you with all the diamonds and some hidden gems of Dubai, so that you can find the one most apt for your needs.

La Mer

Sun in your eyes, wind through your hair and warm sand on your feet. Let’s start with the basic beauties and build up to the diamonds. La mer is the perfect spot for those looking too show off that beach body that you promised to sculpt at the beginning of the year. Added to the beauty created by Meeras, La Mer also boasts some the best food you can find in Jumeriah, starting from SALT to Roti rollers there’s plenty to snack on while you capture those warm moments. Plenty of light, emotion and scenery, what more could you ask for?

Al Seef

Another master piece by Meeras, combining the beauty of the traditional souqs and the Creekside life, Al Seef is your destination if you are up for some challenging lighting, since Al Seef comes to life as the sun dies and dips beneath the horizon. Considered paradise by Dubai’s sunrise gazers and those who love the calm flow of water. This location is ecstasy for practically anyone who knows how to adapt to low light conditions, bonus it’s a mere 10 min walk from Burjuman metro station!!

Dubai Festival City and Abra

We told you We would give you the hidden gems, didn’t We? A location often overlooked or unknown even by the oldies of DFC. DFC might seem like any ordinary mall but with its revamped exteriors, constantly evolving based on seasons and events, DFC is giving the inner-city malls a run for their money. When you think fountain show in Dubai, we often associate it with the Dubai mall fountain show, but DFC has also caught and put up a fierce fight, adding fire and a robust show of lasers perfectly synchronised with the music, managing to captivate everyone who lays their eyes on the splendor.

Any person you ask regarding how to get to DFC would recommend a bus or car. How about you get there by boat, even better an Abra. RTA introduced its Abra services across the creek from Al Jaddaf water station to DFC water station. A mere 2dhs, lasting 10 min but creating moments worth years, picturesque moments in a traditional decade old Abra over the calm Aqua Blue water.

For all those wondering how one is supposed to reach Al Jaddaf water station, don’t worry, I got you. Hop on the metro to creek MS and walk for 2 min from there and voilà.

Al Wasl District

Another practically unknown location but slowly spreading to the attention of only the keen. Created by Al Wasl properties is another traditional souq based recreation, but what makes this location stand out from the rest is the its vibrant lighting which comes to life after dawn. What further compliments this is its incorporation of modern art of graffiti in a location of age and time and how beautifully they complement each other. Heaven for a photographer interested in abstract art and colours, another location conveniently placed from a metro station.

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